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Fusball Scouting


We support clubs, coaches, agencies and players with analysis and consulting services to use and interpret data. To make better decisions in scouting, in match analysis and on the pitch.

Use the potential of data with football know-how & Big Data Analytics, to gain valuable insights. So that you can identify real potential in scouting and match analysis and make better decisions based on data validation.

Smart and successful use of data goes far beyond simply buying tools. We combine expertise in tactics, match analysis, scouting and data analysis and support you in exploring and utilizing the full potential of data.


Data Analytics in Football

Data does not contain results and does not automatically lead to new insights. 
You need football know-how to ask the right questions, to interpret the data correctly and to find valuable new things. Even things that remain hidden to our mind and eye. In our Blog you will find articles and examples about data analysis in football.

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