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We combine the competences of football tactics, scouting and data analysis and support football clubs in structuring, interpreting and using football data. 

Use the potential of data with football know-how & Big Data Analytics, to gain valuable insights. So that you can identify real potential in scouting and match analysis and make better decisions based on data validation.

Aligning people around data for continuous improvement is a hallmark of performance intelligence. Don't start by asking yourself what data can benefit you. Ask yourself which data you need to be able to improve your strategy.


Data Analytics in Football

Data does not contain results and does not automatically lead to new insights. 
You need football know-how to ask the right questions, to interpret the data correctly and to find valuable new things. Even things that remain hidden to our mind and eye. In our Blog you will find exciting german and englisch articles and examples about data analysis in football.

Data driven scouting

Data Analytics does not aim to replace scouts. Rather, data analytics provides a valuable complement to the talent identification skills of scouts. A good scouting process consists of several phases and begins with data scouting (Pre-Scouting).

This is so that you don't limit yourself to individual players too early and can really consider the entire player potential at the beginning.

Our proprietary data analytics platform, is used by professional clubs and is an ideal entry-level solution for clubs with limited analytics resources and capabilities.


Through our interpretation of the data, you can easily qualitatively assess and compare players or teams. The data-driven scouting module allows you to perform a worldwide position-specific search based on flexible search criteria. You can use it to generate a pre-scouting selection of players, which you can further process and reduce with your scouts.


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