Scouting Report: Alberto Soro, FC Granada

Name: Alberto Soro Álvarez

Position: Right Wing, Left Wing or Offensive Midfield

Current team: FC Granada

DOB: 09.03.1999

Nationality: Spain

Height: 173cm

Preferred foot: left


  • Technique

  • Physical resistance

  • Stamina


  • Speed

  • Dribbling

Alberto Soro is a young midfielder, currently playing for FC Granada in LaLiga. He played for his home town club Real Zaragoza in the second tier, before he was bought by Real Madrid in 2019. They kept him there on loan until they sold him to FC Granada in the summer 2020.

Data Profile:

His data profile from last year doesn't show any strengths and looks average or below average in his offensive values. Based on his defensive data, he seems to be a midfield player that actively supports the team when defending.

(footballytics-Index created based on Wyscout-Data)

(Wyscout Heatmap)


He is not the tallest player with 173cm, and we see in the data that he doesn't win a lot of aerial duels. Soro sometimes doesn't even try to actively go in aerial duels, when he recevies a long ball from a defender or the goalkeeper. What he immediately caught my eye is his physical strength and how he resists physical duels with the ball. He has a high stamina and can run for 90 minutes defending and attacking for the team but i miss his acceleration with and without ball. He is not really quick.


Alberto Soro has good technique and is very comfortable with the ball at his feet and stays very calm under pressure. He has a solid first touch and can easily protect the ball pressed by an opponent from behind. The midfielder does excellent in very small spaces, because of his technique and physical resistance. We can see from his numbers that he doesn't often take the risk to dribble his opponent often. He has good passing skills that lead as well to good crossing data.


He can play in different roles in midfield but mostly plays on the left or right wing in a 4-4-2 /4-3-3. During the game he stays on a side line or moves internally to get the ball. Personally, i don't like his way to unmark himself in tight spaces. He usually wants the ball in to the deep. As mentioned before and seen in the data, that he actively supports the team when defending.


I just saw him on videos so I can give a full insight but from what I saw Alberto Soro seems quite shy on the pitch. He requests the ball often but I miss his willingness to dribble an opponent or shot on target.


At the moment I don't see Alberto Soro in a mid-table or higher club in one of the top 5 leagues. He has the technical and tactical attributes but doesn't create much for the expectation; he usually search the easy option. In my opinion he his even more suitable in the position as offensive midfielder behind the striker or as second striker instead of the wing.

Data driven scouting

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