Data Scouting in Bulgaria and Romania

The top leagues in the world get most of the attention, but it is in the smaller leagues that the real scouting takes place for most teams. Many great talents we know once played for any team in a lower league or smaller country.

Two such leagues that are often overlooked is Romania's League I and Bulgaria's League 1. They have lost some of their reputation as talent hotbeds in recent years. Bulgaria and Romania have somewhat missed out on development and last qualified for the World Cup in 1998.

This season, Bulgaria is represented by Ludogorez Rasgrad in the UEFA Europa League and Romania by CFR Cluj in the Conference League.

The very big stage has been missing for a long time, nevertheless, technically strong and cheap talents can be found in both leagues

Datascouting in Bularia and Romania

We have used the Wyscout data of the current 2021-22 season to search for interesting offensive players in Romania's League I and Bulgaria's League 1.

We are looking for young midfielders, wingers and forwards. And limit ourselves to U24 players with at least 400 minutes of play


Which players have attracted positive attention according to the data?


Jordy Josué Caicedo, 23, CSKA Sofia, Bulgaria

777 Minutes, 8 Goals

Born in Machala Ecuador.. Came from the brazilian 2nd league in 2020. Has already scored 8 goals in 10 games. Was already nominated for the national team of Ecuador. Has a great Expected Goals value with 0.48 xG

Strengths: Efficiency in front of goal, Heading, Getting into good finishing position

Jovan Marković, 20, Universitatea Craiova, Romania

636 Minutes, 6 Goals

Craiova homegrown. Can play centrally but also on the wings. Has a great xG value of 0.7. Plays in the national U21.

Strengths: Getting into finishing position, Dribbling, Ball reception

Adrian Petre, 23, Farul Constanţa, Romania

321 Minutes, 5 Goals

Has already played in the second leagues of Denmark. and Italy. Has a fantastic xG value of 0.81.

Not a regular starting player of his team. But can set good accents when he comes in Strengths: Getting into good finishing position, Creating chances, Delivery, efficiency in front of goal.

Offensive Winger & Attacking Midfielders

Ianis Stoica, 18, OW, FCS Bucureşti, Romania

Extreme performance improvement in Expected Goals this saison. Talented player with good improvement potential. Don't need much dribbles to get in dangerous positions. Has aroused interest from Arsenal in the Premier League

Strengths: Creating chances, Delivery, Efficiency in front of goal

Andrei Ivan, 24, OW, Universitatea Craiova, Romania

Past with Rapid and Krasnodar. Strong improvement in Expected Goals this saison so far. Is a member of the Romania national team.

Strengths: Creating chances, Delivery, Efficiency in front of goal, Dribbling.

David Miculescu, 20, AM, UTA Arad, Romania

Miculescu came in 2016 from the UTA Arad Academy, Has a past with Rapid and Krasnodar. Good xG value of 0.55 and wins 40% of his aerial duels.

Strengths: Creating chances, Delivery, Efficiency in front of goal, Dribbling

Bernard Tekpetey, 24, OW, Ludogorets, Bulgaria

No super strength, but very versatile player. Can create chances and score goals himself. Has a good Interception rate.

Strengths: Creating chances, Delivery, Efficiency in front of goal, Dribbling

Fede Varela, 24, AM, CSKA Sofia, Bulgaria

Born in Buenos Aires. Has a past in the Liga Pro of Portugal and the Segunda Divison in Spain. Strong dribbler with a lot of progressive passes. Very good in creating chances. Strengths: Dibbling, Delivery, Efficiency in front of goal, Defensive duels.

Defensive ans Central Midfielders

Nicolae Paun, 22, CM, Sepsi, Romania

He made his Liga I debut for Sepsi OSK against Universitatea Craiova on 17 April 2021. Plays a great saiosn so far. Is really strong in the defensive duels and successfull defensive actions.Has a Expected Assists (xA) value of 0.25 who is good for a Central Midfielder. Strengths: Defensiv duels, progressive passes, interceptions

Erol Dost, 22, DM, Slavia Sofia, Bulgaria

Begin his career in Lokomotiv Plovdiv before moving to Ludogorets Razgrad Academy in 2015. Played in 5 of the matches in UEFA Youth League group stage for the U19 team in 2016. Strengths: Defensiv duels, Progressive passes, Interceptions

Data driven scouting

Data Analytics does not aim to replace scouts. Rather, data analytics provides a valuable complement to the talent identification skills of scouts. A good scouting process consists of several phases and begins with data scouting (Pre-Scouting). This is so that you don't limit yourself to individual players too early and can really consider the entire player potential at the beginning. ​

Check out our Datascouting article > Data Scouting - first the data, then the videos and then the stadium

Good scouting means recognizing the harbingers of the future.

footballytics - improve the game

We combine the competencies of football tactics, scouting and data analytics and support clubs in interpreting and using data to make better decisions in scouting and match analysis based on data validation.

Football and data, not data and football.

Our proprietary data analytics platform, is used by professional clubs and is an ideal entry-level solution for clubs with limited analytics resources and capabilities.

Through our interpretation of the data, you can easily qualitatively assess and compare players or teams. The data-driven scouting module allows you to perform a worldwide position-specific search based on flexible search criteria. You can use it to generate a pre-scouting selection of players, which you can further process and reduce with your scouts.

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